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What originally started out as a small, live streaming Money Halacha video class for an office in Manhattan, has rapidly grown to a multi-channeled Money Halacha service providing daily Money Halacha videos and Q & A services for both men and women of all backgrounds and all ages, covering all areas of Jewish life

The Money Halacha videos are currently available via MoneyHalacha.com, through our WhatsApp Groups or WhatsApp Broadcast, as well as through Email subscription (as a video file attachment and as a link)

Each Money Halacha video ranges between 1 – 4 minutes. The content is based on accepted halacha sefarim that have been hand-picked. Any content which is not explicitly stated in a sefer, will have been discussed with a qualified Posek beforehand, or will have been provided by the Dayanim and of the Business Halacha Institute

Money Halacha questions are happily accepted 24 hours a day and answered in a quick and timely fashion through our connection to the Dayanim of the Business Halacha Institute as well

Please browse through our website in order to get a feel of what we are about, or send us a WhatsApp message or email with any questions you may have. You can reach us through our “Contact Us” page as well

The video classes are given by R’ Binyamin Ghermezian.

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The Money Halacha videos are based on practical daily monetary cases that come up in regular daily life. We give an understanding of how the halacha applies and how to proceed accordingly

Everything in our videos is either taken from the quoted sefarim which are hand-picked or has been spoken over with qualified Rabbanim and Poskim. As well, we are happy to announce that as of September 2019, we have joined up with the Business Halacha Institute to provide added expert halachic advice and rulings on all Money Halacha matters for the videos, as well as handling the many Money Halacha questions which are sent in daily by our viewers

The Money Halacha videos are intended for men and women of all ages. The halachos are suitable for everyone, Ashkenazim, Sefardim and Chassidim

We try to keep the video as short as possible. Each video is usually between 1 – 4 minutes long, and always under 5 minutes. Any shorter, and we would be losing out on the ability to give over a clear and understood halacha video

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The video classes are given by Rabbi Binyamin Ghermezian. Originally from Canada, Rabbi Ghermezian currently resides in Yerushalayim

ALL Money Halacha videos and services are provided COMPLETELY FREE. This due to the generous support of the Jacob & Miriam Ghermezian Foundation

We’d love to hear your Money Halacha questions and suggestions! We happily provide a Q & A service (completely free) for all your Money Halacha needs, backed by the Rabbanim & Dayanim of the Business Halacha Institute. Send us your question via WhatsApp message by clicking the WhatsApp chat button or message us through the web form on the bottom of the page.